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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

There's nothing wrong with Ohio

On our way to Youngstown we stopped in Pittsburgh to see an NHL game. The Pittsburgh Penguins played Nashville – the best team in the league. The Penguins won 4-1. Sid the Kid!
We paid $30 bucks a ticket, not bad. They were great seats.
The bus trip up here was fine, except there was no freakin heat on the bus, so we had to buy some little heaters.
Karlis Zirnis was loving it. Not so much.
I think he was remembering his days with Colorado, when they stayed in the Hilton.
We had a skate this morning. We’re going to eat now and then to the mall.
I’ve seen a few malls in my time. I’m sick of the malls!
We’ve got a big set against Youngstown this week starting tomorrow. They are on fire offensively.
We have to take the body on them and hit them and play tight against them. We can’t take risks because they have good sticks.
More about Youngstown later, I gotta go eat.
I’ll tell you about my Super Bowl Sunday. Let’s just say the bets didn’t work out so well.


Blogger Austin Giles said...

Hey danny,this is austin giles the one that u coach on wensdays an i just wanted to say that yall played great tonight an really got after them.Well Mr.Danny told me that he gave you the tape of are tournament i hope you think we played well,i think we did for are first tournament of the year well just wanted to stop bye an say that u played awsome tonnight an the best of luck to ya.

,Austin Giles

1:39 AM  

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