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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Headed to the rink

We're about to head to DeSoto Civic Center to play Memphis. We have them three times in the next couple of weeks. These are four-point games, so we can get right back on top.

Rivalries may take you off your game a little bit, so we have to stay very disciplined.

You can't get caught up in the B-S. You have to worry about going to get the two points.

Memphis' power play has won them games.

I take a lot of responsibility for our last loss to Memphis. My penalty cost us the game I feel like. No one is perfect, we have to learn from it. Hopefully we did.

It seems like when we're down a guy and our backs are against the wall, we play a little harder. We draw more penalites when we play that way -- playing harder. But you can't take stupid penalties when you're short guys on the bench. It's just going to make those guys work twice as hard -- especially when you have back-to-back games.

Hopefully tonight will go as well as Thursday, or my golf game early this week. I played with my buddy Matt Locke and his boys at East Ridge. I shot 76 and escaped with some $$.

By the way, someone read yesterday's blog and asked me why I didn't tell Jessica Simpson I was the biggest celebrity in Shreveport. That's simple. I'm not.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great posts, Dan !! I beg to disagree - YOU are the biggest star in Shreveport. I join many others who would much rather see you than Jessica Simpson anywhere !!! :) Great Game at Memphis - You've got a bunch of Happy Fans here in Shreveport !! We love you guys !!!

10:44 PM  

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