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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Saints/Cowboys prediction and tonight's rookie party

It was a good weekend in Memphis. We got the two points and were able to check out Beale Street. We visited our friend Jimmy at Superior in Memphis. Dinner was great. We got a bit of a discount.

It was good to go do something different, we normally do a lot of generic restaurants. We go to Applebee’s or Outback all the time, so it was great. He took us right down Beale Street. They moved the barriers for us and let the bus park right down Beale Street.

It was perfect.

We have six days "off," but that's really not the case.

We have to keep working hard in practice. We had that team building session and we set a high standard. We can’t slip off that high standard just because we have a couple of wins. The key to Mudbugs’ success in the past is to keep pushing each other and keep working hard.

Tonight we have the rookie party, which is a great experience. A lot of people laugh at the rookie party. Some people don’t like it, but if anybody has ever been on a team. It’s so important to get to know your guys and go out and have a beer with fellow teammates you go to battle with.

The rookies love it just as much as the veterans. They know they're part of this team, and this year a big part. We have seven rookies. We’re going to need them and we need to be a close-knit team. We’re going to dinner at Roadhouse and then we’ll head downtown.

But today's real event is the Saints-Cowboys game!

I’m in between because I like them both. But I’m kind of rooting for the Cowboys this year because of Tony Romo.

Cowboys it is.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Congrats on the win ! You guys have been doing great, just as we all knew yall would ! Oh, and just so you know, you really are a big celebrity around here ! You just say that name, Wildfong and people know who/what Im talking about. Jessica is crazy not to have asked for your autograph ! But, too bad I dont work at Roadhouse anymore, you guys were always alot of fun to wait on! But, Congrats on the win and cant wait to see yall back at CTC !

Melissa Raley

8:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe you should stick to picking the CFL games and leave the NFL to the experts.

Sam Kliebert

11:56 PM  

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