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Monday, January 29, 2007

Trouble at IHOP; finally a day to recharge

We've been gone only a day, but it's already been an interesting trip to Texas.
We had a 7 a.m. bus Sunday. Most of us went right to the bunks and slept all the way to Dallas, where we stopped to eat. Zirny didn't even get up to eat, that lazy bum! He wanted to save money he said. Yeah right!
We had some trouble at IHOP. Musky and Forbie didn't have their meals come out on time, so we had to wait for them. That delayed the bus.
Musky ate his food within 9 seconds of when he got it. He inhaled it. There was just so many of us, it wasn't easy.
We were about a half-hour late. It was OK. Guys know sometimes that's just a part of it. You play long enough, you're going to see everything in this league.
Today was basically a travel day. We woke up a little later. Adam Hanna lost his wallet so we had to go try and find it.
Some of the guys went to a movie and some just went back to the hotel.
For me, today was a day of me getting my hockey schools organized. We're shooting for Shreveport (a hockey camp, a lacrosse camp and an all-sports camp), Tyler, Dallas, Chicago and Canada. Joe Ori is helping me with the one in Chicago. Wheels (Fairbarn) and his fiancee will help me with the one in Dallas and Tim Hill helps me with the other camps.
Today was a day to recharge the batteries. There are a few guys with some bumps and bruises -- we need the rest this time of year because we still have a lot of hockey to play. You have to take care of yourself.
Musky is really good about this. He's been around and he's played, so he knows it's very important.

I heard about the fight in Corpus and it was interesting to see Kris Mallette get a 5-game suspension. I almost went into the penalty box once and the league told me I'd get 5 games. I guess they were right. Glad I didn't do it.
Nice to see my buddy Ron Vogel in net and fought Eric Marvin. I'm going to check out the video on youtube, I'm sure it's there.

I promise I'll be back in the morning to discuss our game with Odessa and the loss of the Jackalopes coach Don McKee.


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