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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My NHL All-Star trip; we'll miss Don McKee

One story I forgot to tell you about was my trip to the NHL All-Star Game last week. I rode over to Dallas with Forbes MacPherson and the two Sutherland boys. I met my wife, Kelly, in Dallas (she was there for work) and we also picked up Forbie's wife, Amy, and their son Owen.
Forbie's cousin, Sid The Kid (Sidney Crosby) left them tickets and my buddy Andy McDonald left me tickets.
We met Andy and Sidney afterwards and we were hanging out with Teemu Selanne. We all went to the Ghostbar in the W Hotel in Dallas. It was unbelievable.
I went up to buy a round as Andy and Selanne went to grab a table. I wanted to get the first round, so it was about 7 or 8 drinks. I knew it was going to cost me a you-know-what load of money, but I got up there and the lady said, 'This is all comped." I was like "Thank God." It would have been a $90 tab. I would have had to be playing in the NHL, not the CHL.

Anytime you know someone that's doing well for themself, you're always happy for them -- especially someone you played with an they are in the same profession. I'm really happy for Andy. The thing is, he worked hard to get there and he deserves it.
He won the "fastest skater" in the skill competition and wanted me to try and find some sponsors for him.
He said, "You have any connections or what Rusty?"
It was a blast. Teemu was hilarious -- a jokester.
Hopefully I'll see Andy when he wins the Cup. Maybe we can bring both Cups out for a party.

We play Odessa tonight and it's really sad what happened to Donny McKee -- especially the way it happened. He's been such an influential figure in the CHL. He actually came up with the playoff format this year.
Hopefully he'll find another spot to coach in this league. He's definitely deserving. He's a great coach.


Blogger Jeffery Clark said...


ALL of us enjoy your blog.
And all of us appreciate your time sacrifice in writing the blog.
Glad to hear about your fun last week. Unforgettable for you.

2:20 PM  

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