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Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday off day; Colorado's streak

It’s a rare Friday off for us, but I’ve been busy today.
I just got back from doing a bunch of radio interviews over at Clear Channel. It was fun and they are always great for the team.
I’m kind of upset because the Anaheim Ducks are in Dallas – and we played a rare Thursday night game. My buddy Andy MacDonald had four assists in the game against the Stars. He was in my wedding two summers ago.
As far as Friday night goes, I’m going to take it easy and get ready for Saturday’s game.
It’s going to be a big one and I’m sure both teams are excited because both teams are on top of their game right now.
I didn’t know until Roy Lang told me, but the Eagles (if they win tonight against Memphis) could match the North American professional hockey record of 17 straight wins against us.
You’re going to get the both of best teams. We don’t want to be that team in the record books, but we have to go out there and play our game. We can’t worry about any records, we just have to work hard and do what we have been doing.
I’m a little surprised they have been able to do this without Greg Pankewicz, but they have a good coach there. They have a good program and they always seem to do well. He’s not the only guy on the team. But once they get him back, that’s going to make them even better. That’s tough to comprehend.
I think they’ll have last year’s playoffs in the back of their mind, but we have to do what we did then -- that’s outworking them. They do cycle the puck well, so you have to play very good defense. They are very opportunistic and a lot of guys with a lot of talent.
Thursday’s win was the best hockey we can play, but Joe Ori and Chris Abbott carried us. That seems to be the way it’s been going – when a couple lines are struggling, another one picks it up. One that hasn’t scored in a while will score.
We’re getting production from everyone. I remember when we won in the past, that’s the way it was – everyone was producing, not just one or two guys.
I saw I got a B- in the paper today. My reaction is that the grade should have been lower.
I’m not having a good year, but it’s coming around. I’m not making excuses, but I think injuries had something to do with my poor start.
It’s starting to finally feel better, so that’s good.
One last thing. While we play Saturday night, the Saints will be on and I’m cheering for them. Go Saints!


Blogger DAN_FAN_4EVER said...

Dan!! How much longer till Ken Carroll gets to play?? Hope everything is going good for you! Love watchin you in the ALLSTAR game!! hehe!! n thanks for takin a pic with me after the game!! OO hey if u got a birthday card around your birthday at one of the games...im the one that gave it to u!! i asked one of the ladies to give it to u!! Well neways tell Kelly hey! See ya next game!!

Your biggest fan..... Megan Murray!!

10:15 PM  
Blogger Melissa Raley said...

Too bad about today's game dan, i was at work checking in on yall when i got a chance. Boy, it woulda been nice to beat Sterling at his home.. (im sure yall agree) But it will be even better to beat him here, we can mess with him again. He's such a baby ! But, either way, win or loose, you guys are doing great and were so proud! And Adams great and were lucky to have him. But you guys keep your heads up and know were always behind yall ! We love you guys !

Melissa Raley

5:53 PM  

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