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Thursday, January 18, 2007

An All-Star day I'll never forget

The goal was awesome, espcailly doing it in front of all our fans. Playing in something like this is an honor. There aren't too many times an All-Star Game comes to Shreveport -- to play in the first one is great.
I was tickled.
I wanted to score, but I just wanted to have a good time. That's what an All-Star Game is all about -- just having fun and not giving too many secrets away.
The best moment I will walk away from the All-Star Game is going to be the reaction I got when I skated out onto the ice for introductions, plus the whole All-Star festivities including the banquet.
Another thing I'll remember is when Roy Lang from The times called me to tell me I made the team -- I'll always remember that.
It's been an experience you just can't buy.


Blogger Melissa Raley said...

Dan,You guys did awesome this weekend! I was surprised Murphy didnt try to start a fight. It's not like he would have won anyways! But, I really think yall can get Memphis this weekend. I really hope Sterling plays, we love to mess with him. And the allstar game was great! We were really hoping youd score! And of course you got a loud cheer when you cam out, you ARE mudbugs hockey dan, we love ya! But, congrats again on this weekend and good luck this week! Oh yeah, This past saturdays game there was a huge hotdog walking around, yeah that was me !


Melissa Raley

11:59 AM  

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