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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Eating in Memphis

Welcome back!

We're in Memphis and tonight we ate some delicious food.

Our friend Jimmy, he used to own Flannagans and Fatty Arbuckle’s in Shreveport, has a place up here. We stopped by and he gave the boys the hookup!

First about Thursday.

That was a big win. I heard Roy Lang was taking some heat for naming me the number 1 star. It's my first star of the season. I don't think Kenny will mind. I just care about getting the win.

We're one of the best defensive teams in the league right now and that's because of him and Johnny DeCaro. They are the backbone.

I had put a lot of pressure on myself lately because the point production and the winning weren't there, but I have to try to remember, you're not going to see a lot of guys be on top in scoring because of the defensive style we play.

It’s going to take every one to win, just like Thursday against Wichita.

We were excited. We’ve been really working on the power play a lot. I give credit to a team that keeps battling like they have.

We’re still a little under .500, but this is the time where we have a chance to start taking steps toward the top.

We kind of fell before, we’re up and down, so we’re trying to get some consistency in our game to get to the playoffs. We just can’t wait to long or else we’re going to get behind the 8-ball.

This week has been interesting on and off the ice.

Monday, we did some team-building at the CenturyTel Center.

Any time you have a new team and you get to know guys, it's going help when youre on the ice. You battle for each other. One guy goes in, every guy goes in to protect each other.

Team chemistry gets overlooked far too often. One guy that doesn’t and has his own little business – and does well with it – is Musky. We had a 4 ½-hour team building session and I'm telling you, it was unbelievable. We did bunch of exercises and tried to figure out what direction we were going as a team.

If you don’t have a direction, you really don’t know where youre headed, you're kind of assuming things. The team set our own direction and what we wanted to accomplish in the next few games and practices. Overally, everyone said they wanted to win a championship. If you didn’t say that – you don’t want to be on the team.

Off the ice, it was pretty crazy. Tuesday night, I went to dinner at Superior Grill with some friends and saw Jessica Simpson. She was there with her dad and actor Luke Wilson.

It was pretty funny to see a bodyguard AND a cop there to "protect" her.

My wife asked her for a picture. She said yes, but then blew her off. Not such a big fan of her anymore.

Of course, it would be great for the team if Jessica and her entourage would come to the CenturyTel for a game while she's shooting her movie here.

Check back tomorrow for more on Memphis and what it's going to take to get this thing headed in the right direction!


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