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Friday, November 17, 2006

I'll probably be out for a couple of games

Thanks to a two-handed slash to the back of the leg from Lubbock's Paul McBrien, I will likely miss at least a couple of games.

It happened in the first period and I came back, but today the swelling and blood went to it. We got tangled up and he swung at me with a two-hander.

I don't think it was caught on tape, so I'm not sure a suspension will be handed down from the league, but that was a personal intent to injure.

He got kicked out because it was right in front of the referee Ryan Sweeney.

We were only up one goal and Jason Williamson ended up grabbing him. Not much happened, because you can't get personal when you're only up a goal. Maybe if you're up a few then you can go and take care of some business, but he was already kicked out.

He should get four games at least. My feeling is, I'm probably going to miss two games, so I feel they should have a new rule where your suspension doesn't start until the player you injure returns.

I might as well have gotten a two-game suspension since I'll be out due the injury.

This isn't what we need right now, we're already banged up, but I think the boys are going to play well tonight. We had a little meeting after last night's game.

The boys will respond tonight.

We have good movement, but we're either putting it over the net, or just to the side of it. The plays Musky is drawing up are working, the puck's just not going in right now.

We have to keep shooting, keep crashing the net and that's when things will happen.

I don't think we were happy with the effort in Lubbock. It was really a power-play/penalty kill kind of game and those tend to throw you off. But that is no excuse. We still have to work hard.

That's Musky's frustration right now. We do it one night, but not the other.

We've been one of the hardest-working teams in the league for years. We have a new core of guys and we all have to buy in to Musky's hard-working system because he does know how to win.

I didn't get a chance to talk to my former teammate Craig Minard last night. I wish I did. He played really well for Lubbock.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dan I was so sad that you werent playing friday! N i didnt hear what happened till later!! But i still got to see you after the game! I cant wait to see you back on the ice! Cuz your my favorite player!!!!

12:28 AM  
Blogger Jeffery Clark said...

Thanks for your service here, Dan.

11:55 AM  

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