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Monday, November 19, 2007


Man i hate to lose to this team. I thought right out of the gates we were all over them, we were getting the puck deep and cycling the puck well. KC made some big saves throughout the game, keeping it close. Again i thought that we took some bad penalties, and in the end it cost us the game. They scored a 5 on 3 goal from Woollard that tied the game at one. We scored next on a great 3 on 2 by pegs and ori to go up 2 to 1. That line of pegs, ori and Ty are playing great hockey for us. Pegs and Ori move the puck very well together and Ty is in great position in order to shoot the puck, and man can he shoot. The river kings second goal was a weird goal. I think one of there wingers was driving wide with the puck and the other winger was driving to the net. The outside winger shot the puck and KC made the save. The puck went off KC's blocker and into the chest of the player that was driving the front of the net. Because of the forward motion of the player the puck was put in with his chest making the score 2 to 2. The third goal that they scored was a break down the the d- zone. We left there best scorer open in the slot and gave him time to shoot the puck. When he got the pass from the corner he wasted no time and shot it low blocker for the game winner.

I have one thing to say and it may be off topic but i need to say it anyway. A lot of people have been coming up to me and asking me if we are going to get a tough guy, someone who can kick some a**. So i decided to look up the definition for tough and it says " It is characterized by severity or uncompromising determination" to me this sounds like our team, but one guy stands out for sure and that is Smitty. Last night he through down with a guy that was 6'5 240 pounds. Smitty is 5'8 175 if that's not tough, then i don't know what is!

Until next time don't hate the player , hate the game!!!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Past Three Games

Sorry i have not been posting , my family has been down for the past 3 weeks.

Over the last 3 games i feel that our goaltenders and defence have played there best hockey. Its great to see JD and KC play well, nobody is as hard on them self's as they are. They compete all the time and are always trying to improve there game. When you have to guys like that the whole team feeds off them.
The defence have also played great hockey in the last couple of games. I think Ortzs is starting to understand how our d-zones works and how important his role is. Miller is playing strong and simple just the way he needs to play. He takes the body real well and passes and shoots the puck hard. Quad always plays steady, he is the glue that holds our d-core together., he fights, hits and plays great position. Lulps is starting to play his game, he is so strong and has a great shot. I even think that when he wants he can skate, he kind of reminds me of Bergy.
We finally got our p-k working and all that took was using the systems, and believing that your work.
We still have a long way to go ,but i think that we are on the right path. Until next time take care comb your hair!!!!!